The staff, learners and parent community strive to work as a team so as to nurture and develop all possible potential in the academic, sporting and cultural arenas. To achieve this we encourage and motivate one another to think creatively and take calculated risks, to be sincere in our interest and concern for others and to take from the past that which will guide us in the future.

Parent Involvement

We strive to develop the potential of each learner. To do this effectively, constant interaction must take place between the home and the school. Communication takes place in the following ways:

  • Excel Express
  • Homework diary
  • Information evenings
  • Sports programmes
  • Parent notices
  • Interaction with the staff
  • Social meetings

The education of your child is the joint responsibility of the school and home and therefore we would greatly appreciate the co-operation between the above parties so as to equip your child with the necessary tools and responsibility to ensure that they can take their rightful place as a valued citizen of our country.

School hours

Grade Time Day(s)
R 07:45 – 12:45 Mon – Fri
1 & 2 07:45 – 13:30 Mon – Thu
3 07:45 – 13:30
07:45 – 14:15
Mon & Wed
Tue & Thu
1 – 3 07:45 – 13:15 Fri
4 – 7 07:45 – 14:15
07:45 – 14:00
Mon – Thu

School fees

The following annual fees will be levied as from 1 January 2016. Grade priced per child per annum.

Grade R R 6000
School R 6500 Grade 6 & 7 learners
R 5800 Grade 1 – 5 eldest & only learners
R 5500 Grade 1- 5 2nd & 3rd siblings
Aftercare R 5000 Eldest & only learners
R 4400 2nd & 3rd siblings

Fees are payable from 1 February 2015 and last payment is due 30 November 2016.

DISCOUNT of 10% is offered ON ALL FEES should the fees be paid ONCE-OFF on or before 31 March 2016.

Account No 1450490462
Account Type CHEQUE
Branch Code 523410
Reference learner acc no

All account queries to be directed to finance@exprim.co.za. Please email proof of payment to the above email address.